Strategy 3 – Especially for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Find out how your business can fund your retirement

Leveraged Planning – A Retirement Planning Strategy For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Many small business owners, practice owners, and entrepreneurs have a similar situation: they devote their life to building their company, putting as much money into doing so as possible. Because of this, they are able to provide a nice living for their family and their employees, but as a result of putting so much into the business, they have saved too little to retire comfortably, or leave something for their heirs.

At Johnson Financial Group, we are providers of Financed Planning or Leveraged Planning. This is an innovative suite of programs designed specifically for the small business owner or practice owner. We are happy to be able to say that these programs:

  • Have never lost a penny in the account value, even during the recent market downturns
  • Allow the business itself to support and pay for this program which funds the owner’s retirement

Our Leveraged Planning Program Provides A Unique Combination:

Risk Protection from potential downside loss in the markets

Selectivity – you choose who in the company participates, just you or key employees too

Tax Efficiency in how gains are treated, and possible tax deductibility of contributions

Cost Effectiveness using a powerful combination of leveraging and compounding

Click here to watch an informative video on Leveraged Planning from one of our Leveraged Planning partners, Global Financial, and then give us a call to find out more about customizing this strategy to fit your needs.

There is also more information on our Leveraged Planning website: or call us at 443-807-7311. You can also complete this information request form, and we will contact you: