Finding Money for Seniors


Seniors these days are living longer, and therefore have a greater chance of needing additional money to live comfortably throughout their golden years. Many times unforeseen living expenses will arise, such as the need for assisted living and long-term care. In some cases the need for money will come up very suddenly, adding more stress to what may already be a very difficult situation.

Johnson Financial Group wants to help our senior clients find the money that they need. We listen to their needs, and in some cases we can use financial strategies like Life Settlements and Reverse Mortgages to quickly put money into the senior’s hands.

Contact us at 443-807-7311 if you are a senior who needs help financially, and let us help you to find out if one of these financial tools is right for your situation. If you know someone who could possibly benefit from our services for seniors, please let them know about us.