Employee / Group Benefits

Owning and running your own business these days can be difficult. There are so many things to consider and choose wisely in order to keep the bottom line in the black, and stay in business. Johnson Financial Group understands the concerns that business owners and entrepreneurs face.

From providing benefits to your employees and key people, to using the business to fund your retirement savings plan, and in many other ways, we can help.

If you are a business owner who is seeking affordable group medical coverage for your employees, there are many factors to consider. Johnson Financial Group has many years of experience in helping business owners offer valuable, employee retaining benefits, at a price that will keep you in business.

We work with all of the major carriers of group health, group dental, group vision, group life insurance, group disability insurance, and other group benefits. Let us do the shopping for you, as we will compare plans from the various carriers side-by-side, and help you to choose the plan that is best for your company.

We have all of the plans as well. Traditional group co-pay plans, group health savings account plans, group health reimbursement account plans, and more. Let us work with your company to customize a plan for your group.

We Save Businesses Money

Running a small business is getting more and more expensive, and for small business owners, it is becoming harder to keep the books balanced. Providing quality health care for employees is just one of the many factors straining the budgets of small businesses.

JFG has many years of experience saving small businesses money on their health care costs, while not compromising on the quality of care for the employees and their families. We have developed a proven strategy that works, and there are many satisfied small business owners that will attest to this – we have helped save money on health care costs for both the company and each individual family – LOTS OF MONEY!


Company A – 8 families, census avg. age – 43 years old

Before consulting with JFG – $5,276 per month on group health insurance for its 8 families

After consulting with JFG, Company A now spends only $3,727 per month

That’s a savings of $1,549 per month or $18,588 per year!

AVG. SAVINGS OF $193 per family per month!

Actual savings will vary based on many factors, but this is one of the many examples of the type of savings that we have helped small business owners and their employees achieve.

Why choose JFG to help you find affordable group benefits. Because we are experts at it. We understand what it takes to make a business succeed, and we will have a vested interest in the success of your company. Give us a call at 443-807-7311, and let’s see how much money we can save you on quality group benefits, or give us some information about your group, and what benefits you would like quotes for by completing this form: