10-10-10 JFGdirect.com LAUNCH

10-10-10 JFGdirect.com is officially LIVE!

Since 2003 I have been protecting families with life insurance, providing affordable health insurance, and assisting people with retirement income planning. I have also helped countless seniors with the various products that have made their lives easier and more secure. I really love doing what I do. I truly enjoy helping people, and it has been a blessing to me knowing that the services that I provide are making a difference in people’s lives.

And yet, something has always been missing…until now! Now, with the launch of JFGdirect.com, I feel that professional void is being filled. Please don’t misunderstand me. It’s not that I have never had a website. I have had cookie cutter websites in the past, and I have enjoyed maintaining a web presence of some kind for most of these 7 years.

But this site is the first site that I designed and built from the ground up. I spent many hours researching the best platform for the site, and finally decided on WordPress. Choosing a competent and creative website design company chewed up many more hours…and days…and weeks. And when I finally thought I had the right company, it turned out that I was WRONG. It just wasn’t a good fit. More searching landed me with a company that specialized in sites for insurance and financial professionals.


Then, I had to decide how to structure the site to encompass all that I do, then write all original content for the site. That was exhaustive. Then image selection, color selection, style selection, font and graphic selection, quote engines and links, etc, etc, etc. It seemed at times like it would never end.

But I have to say, all of the hard work was SO WORTH IT! By the grace of God, I now have a site that is customized, customizable, personal, and reflects all that I do. Every insurance product, every financial services offering, and everything that I do to help individuals, families, businesses, and seniors is contained in JFGdirect.com. It feels great to finally have a website that is…so me.

Oh there is still much more to do, and much more to learn about maintaining a WP website and blog. There will always be the need to update and embellish content, write blogs, and make general improvements to the site, but you have to launch what you have sometime. Nothing is perfect. Well, almost nothing. So…

Now that 10-10-10 (how’s that for a launch date?) has come, and the site is officially live, it is time to put into action the next phase – SEO. Search Engine Optimization. It’s time to get in front of the Googlers, the Bingers, and the Yahoos. It’s time to reach the people who are trying to find a competent advisor like me.


Thanks for reading this.


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