We offer the following types of insurance:

Why You Should Let JFG Find Insurance For You

Johnson Financial Group consists of licensed independent insurance agents who are appointed with dozens of top-rated insurers. As independent agents, we are not captive to any particular carrier, we are not required to just sell any one company’s products, and we are not limited in the number of insurance companies and products that we can offer. Because of this, we truly work for our clients, putting their best interests first, and giving them a larger selection of insurers who will be vying for their business.

When a client comes to us and tells us what insurance coverage they are interested in, we can shop for them in a “bigger store” so to speak, and find for them the best value – the coverage that they want at the best possible price. Because we offer our clients a large number of A-rated insurers to choose from, we cannot be beat in terms of price, and the service that we give our clients is exceptional as well.

Give Us A Try

Let us take the frustration out of shopping for insurance coverage. Contact us at 443-807-7311 and let us know what kind of coverage you are interested in. If you are not sure, just let us know what you would like to accomplish by having the coverage, and let us help you with a suggestion. If you would like get quotes yourself, feel free to use the tools on our site, such as our Term Life Quote Engine and Health Insurance Quote Engine to compare carrier products side-by-side.

Please keep in mind that the quotes that you will see on my quote engines will be identical to the cost for the same plan anywhere you buy it – from other brokers, or even directly from the carrier. That is because insurance prices are regulated by the State, and a particular insurance product will be the same price no matter where you buy it from. The difference is that at JFG, our service is superior, and we have a deep desire to help you understand how these plans work, the pros and cons of each plan, to make sure that you get just the right plan for your needs. And as we already mentioned, we work with so many carriers that we cannot be beat in terms of price for apples-to-apples coverage.

We also allow you to shop individual carrier products at our Insta-Quote page and we will also help you to apply for the coverage, using our online applications, or paper application, depending on the carrier. To sum it up, our goal is to make obtaining insurance coverage as easy and as frustration-free as possible for you.

What You Can Expect From JFG

If you apply for a plan with Johnson Financial Group you can expect to:

  1. Get the best price for that plan
  2. Deal with me, Carl J. Johnson, directly, or one of my experienced licensed agents. We have tons of experience in the insurance industry, and I promise not to pass you on to a “customer service rep” that doesn’t.
  3. Get answers to your questions about ANY plan. As an independent agent, I have access to and knowledge about all the plans, and it is actually to your disadvantage to try to apply directly with the carrier (when available) because the carrier can’t adjust the rate either, the carrier won’t tell you when their competition’s plan may better suit you, and they just aren’t equipped to deliver the level of service that we can.
  4. Receive weekly updates with the status of your application. There is nothing worse than just not knowing. I have heard stories from many people who applied through a big online “e-insurer” who had no idea whether their application is being processed and whether they applied for the best plan for their needs. You can avoid that by applying with us from the start.
  5. Have the same person to talk to in the years to come when you may need to change your plan as your family and job status changes over time. And, more importantly, JFG will notify you if a new, better plan becomes available.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the valuable coverage that you need, at a price that is affordable.