Health Insurance

Purchasing a health insurance plan online is so much easier when you can see and compare all of the major carrier’s plans side-by-side in one convenient place. Our site is that place, because we allow you to shop the most popular plans from all of the major carriers in Maryland, D.C., Virginia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas using our FREE HEALTH INSURANCE QUOTE ENGINE (this link will open our dedicated quote engine in a new window..

Because plan pricing is registered with each state, the pricing that you see here will be the same pricing that you will see on any of those big e-insurer sites. The difference here is that with Johnson Financial Group, our service is second-to-none, and we take the time to help you sift through the hundreds of plans that may be available to you, and we will help you to find the perfect plan for your particular needs and budget.

Whether you need an individual or self-employed plan, or if you are looking for a group health insurance plan – from Health Savings Accounts to Traditional Co-Pay plans, our experience with all types of health insurance will help you to personalize the perfect plan for your needs, at a price that you can afford.