Life Insurance For People With Medical Conditions

elderlycouplesmilingHealthy people generally can easily qualify for life insurance. But what if you are not so healthy? Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance and Simplified Issue Life Insurance is designed for people who may have some medical conditions which make traditional forms of life insurance unobtainable.

Some of the many INSURABLE conditions with Guaranteed Issue:

  • Recent Heart Attack or Stroke
  • Cancer
  • HIV Positive
  • Diabetes
  • Physical Build

We specialize in finding quality life insurance coverage for all of our clients, including the ones who have health issues, or are otherwise “uninsurable”. We have a handful of companies that underwrite these higher risks. You may pay more than someone who doesn’t have the medical condition, but the premiums are probably less than you think.

  • No questions asked on the application for some companies
  • No Physical Exam or doctor’s reports for some companies
  • Depending upon your age and state you can be insured up to $1,000,000 – no question applications generally cap you at $50,000

Keep in mind that approval for plans that don’t require medical exams may depend on answers to questions in the application. And, most guaranteed issue plans are ‘graded-benefits’ which means that the full death benefit isn’t available from the start of the policy. All this information will be provided to you when we present to you a product for consideration.

The more detailed the medical information you give us, the better the job we’ll be able to do for you. Please call us at 443-807-7311 if you prefer to give that information over the phone. Of course you have our promise that all of your information is kept confidential. You can also email us, or provide the following information to help us determine the best plan for you.