Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life insurance is permanent insurance that is guaranteed to last for your entire lifetime. These types of policies can build cash value over time at a guaranteed rate of return, as well as provide a guaranteed death benefit to your beneficiaries. They also have a level premium that is guaranteed to never increase.

Another valuable benefit of a participating Whole Life policy is the opportunity to earn dividends. While your policy’s guarantees provide you with a minimum death benefit and cash value, dividends give you the opportunity to receive an enhanced death benefit and enhanced cash value growth. Dividends are a way for the company to share part of its favorable results with policyholders. When you purchase a participating policy, it is expected that you will receive dividends after the second policy year – but they are not guaranteed. Dividends, if left in the policy, can provide an offset (and more) to the eroding effects of inflation on your coverage amount.

At Johnson Financial Group, we are experts at using life insurance as a vehicle to accomplish a myriad of financial goals. We have achieved amazing results for clients with permanent life insurance, while allowing them to enjoy guarantees and a measure of safety that is not available with other products that feature complete exposure to a volatile market.

Whether the need is for income replacement, estate creation, final expenses, or safe long term savings, there are so many possibilities with the proper life insurance policy. We have many years of experience working with hundreds of top-rated carriers. Our knowledge and our innovative strategies have produced results that some clients did not think was possible just using life insurance. And we do this in a “safe” manner that allows our clients better sleep at night.

Give us a call at 443-807-7311, or email us to discuss whether a whole life policy, a term policy, a universal life policy, or a combination is suitable for your particular situation. Or simply provide some information to help us to determine your needs.