Why We Recommend Indexed Annuities


In this illustration, we see how the Indexed Annuity provides the combination of both SAFETY, (which is normally associate with a product that is conservative and yields low rates of return, such as CD’s), + UPSIDE GROWTH POTENTIAL (normally associated with products that are more risky, such as securities). The Indexed Annuity is the only product that gives both.

Indexed Annuities Guarantee:

  1. A lifetime minimum interest rate
  2. That you cannot lose your principal (the money that you invest) or have earned
  3. That once you have a gain in your account it is locked-in and yours to keep
  4. That you will not pay taxes on any gain, until you make a withdrawal
  5. A choice of income options that you cannot outlive

Indexed Annuities Also Offer:

  1. Safety
  2. A Potential Bonus up to 20% on your initial deposit
  3. The ability to assign a beneficiary – possibly avoiding probate costs
  4. Liquidity
  5. Excellent Tax Deferred Growth Potential

Blue, Red, or Yellow – Which Line Would You Prefer For Your Money?

In this hypothetical illustration, the red line can be equated to the performance of securities, the blue line represents the conservative CDs and money markets, and the yellow line is representative of how a Fixed Indexed Annuity works.

Note how during the years when the red line plunged, the yellow line was flat, showing how Indexed Annuities cannot lose value when the market is down, but provides excellent market growth potential in good years.

With a Fixed-Indexed Annuity, you share in theupside potential of the Market-index, but not the downside risk!