Why You Should Let JFG Find Insurance For You

Johnson Financial Group consists of licensed independent insurance agents who are appointed with dozens of top-rated insurers. As independent agents, we are not captive to any particular carrier, we are not required to just sell any one company’s products, and we are not limited in the number of insurance companies and products that we can offer. Because of this, we truly work for our clients, putting their best interests first, and giving them a larger selection of insurers who will be vying for their business.

When a client comes to us and tells us what insurance coverage they are interested in, we can shop for them in a “bigger store” so to speak, and find for them the best value – the coverage that they want at the best possible price. Because we offer our clients a large number of A-rated insurers to choose from, we cannot be beat in terms of price, and the service that we give our clients is exceptional as well.

Give Us A Try

Let us take the frustration out of shopping for insurance coverage. Contact us through this link, or call us at 443-807-7311 and let us know what kind of coverage you are interested in. If you are not sure, just let us know what you would like to accomplish by having the coverage, and let us help you with a suggestion.

Insurance prices are regulated by the State, and a particular insurance product will be the same price no matter where you buy it from. But how do you know which company is offering the best price, and/or the best value for your needs?

At JFG, our service is superior, and we have a deep desire to help you understand how these plans work, the pros and cons of each plan, to make sure that you get just the right plan for your needs. And as we already mentioned, we work with so many carriers that we cannot be beat in terms of price for apples-to-apples coverage.

To sum it up, our goal is to make obtaining insurance coverage as easy and as frustration-free as possible for you.