Market-Linked CDs

Market-Linked Certificates of Deposit (MLCDs) are an FDIC insured investment option that offers the protection and safety of a traditional CD with the potential for greater returns than banks are currently offering on typical Certificates of Deposit.

Market-Linked CDs allow you to benefit from the potential gains of the commodity, currency, and stock markets, but also provide you with the safety and security of traditional CDs. MLCDs were developed by Chase Manhattan Bank in 1987, and in 2009 there were over $15 billion of MLCDs issued in the United States.


Market-Linked CDs offer two layers of security:

  • First, you are guaranteed to receive 100% of your original deposit at maturity, if you hold for the full term.
  • Secondly, your principal is also protected by the same Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) protection and coverage as traditional CDs, generally up to $250,000 per account.


While traditional CDs pay a low fixed interest rate, MLCDs offer the potential for above market interest based on the performance of a diversified basket of 10 hand-picked publicly traded stocks. This basket of stocks is chosen by experts, based on a number of factors, including future performance projections, and this gives the CD holder the POTENTIAL TO EARN ANNUAL INTEREST OF 7-10%.


MLCDs are issued by a select group of global banks, and are guaranteed based on their financial strength, with FDIC protection.


Long-term buy and hold investors who are willing to forego the low fixed rate return of traditional CDs in exchange for potentially higher returns, without risking their principal.

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